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Marketing Strategy

Advice on and Execution
of Proven Tactics

Before the internet and social media, the primary goal of offline marketing was to get people through the doors of your store or business. Now offline marketing also focuses on driving customers to your website and social media channels to increase overall sales and profits.

Borns Group has a long track record of successfully advising everyone from small, locally owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies on marketing strategy. We provide guidance on identifying your target audience, messaging, types and frequency of mailings, estimating return on investment and much more.

Our expertise spans these and other essential marketing tactics:

  • Direct mail

  • Online discounts

  • Discount pricing

  • Loyalty programs

Furthermore, since we mail from the middle of the country, we can mail to large population centers on both coasts fast. That gets your statements (and payments) returned faster, which increases your cash flow.

Businesses large, small and in between use offline marketing to build their brand awareness in their communities or all the way around the world. Offline strategies can be used by businesses of any size, small locally owned storefronts in smaller communities to the largest brands in the world.
of people who receive a promotional product can recall the name of the brand.

Source: PROmotion Marketing, LLC

Promotional items

Custom Products That Build Brand Awareness

Looking for an effective and affordable way to spread the word about your business? Branded merchandise could be just what you need. And with Borns Group, the possibilities are endless.

Thanks to our relationships with over 3,000 suppliers, we can place your business logo on just about anything you can imagine. Choose from traditional favorites like mugs, pens and T-shirts as well as unconventional items like popcorn tins, chocolate bars and piggy banks — about 2 million options in all.

Promotional products deliver a better cost per impression that almost every other marketing medium, including TV, the internet and magazines. Let Borns Group help you select The Perfect Blend of items to increase brand awareness and boost interest in your products or services. Learn more here.


Graphic Design

Visual Communication That Sets You Apart

Professional graphic design is a must for any successful marketing campaign. At Borns Group, our graphic designers take the time to understand your business and use that insight to present it to the world in a captivating way across all your marketing collateral.

When it comes to graphic design, aesthetic value is important. But it's just the start. We believe the best graphic design is also grounded in a thoughtfully crafted strategy that reflects your business' brand and marketing objectives.

Strengthen your brand, stand out from the competition, enhance customer loyalty: The graphic design professionals at Borns Group can help you do all of this and more.

of businesses invest in design to help their brand stand out against the competition.

Source: WebFX

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