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ricoh pro vc40000

Inkjet Printing for Increased Speed & Quality

As a sign of our commitment to our clients, Borns Group has invested in a RICOH Pro VC40000 inkjet printer.

We are also using Solimar Systems' Rubika product suite to manipulate print files. Among other features, this software enables seamless integration with postal software so you can leverage mail address cleansing and gain efficiencies.

If you want to produce beautiful direct mail pieces that stand out — and get out the door and into the hands of recipients sooner — look no further than Borns Group.

This cutting-edge product:

  • Delivers incredibly vibrant colors and precise image reproduction
  • Opens up new options with its four-color variable data printing capabilities
  • Allows for added targeting and customization
  • Dramatically reduces turnaround times so that you can get campaigns to market faster

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